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Team Knicks Fall League

Fall League Standings

1Carolina Defenders 7th414-1---WIN2
2Team United 7th Maroon313-1---TK W 41-34
3Carolina Defenders 8th424-2---WIN1
4Smith Elite323-2---TH
5Team Knicks232-3---SES
6Smith Elite Street151-5---TK
7Team Hoops050-5---SE

Fall League Schedule

09/21/19Carolina Defenders 8thTeam HoopsCD8 57 , TH 11Comenius
09/21/19Smith Elite StreetCarolina Defenders 7thCD7 32 , SES 30Comenius
09/21/19Team KnicksCarolina Defenders 8thCD8 43 , TK 31Comenius
10/05/19Carolina Defenders 8thSmith EliteSE 39 , CD8 36Comenius
10/05/19Carolina Defenders 7thSmith Elite StreetCD7 44 , SES 22Comenius
10/05/19Team HoopsSmith EliteSE 52 , TH 8Comenius
10/05/19Team KnicksCarolina Defenders 7thCD7 59 , TK 36Comenius
10/12/19Team United 7th MaroonSmith EliteTUM 40 , SE 36Comenius
10/12/19Team HoopsSmith Elite StreetSES 43 , TH 18Comenius
10/12/19Team United 7th MaroonCarolina Defenders 8thCD8 46 , TUM 31Comenius
10/12/19Team KnicksTeam HoopsTK 51 , TH 24Comenius
10/12/19Smith Elite StreetCarolina Defenders 8thCD8 58 , SES 35Comenius
10/19/19Smith Elite StreetSmith EliteSE 52 , SES 23Comenius
10/19/19Carolina Defenders 8thCarolina Defenders 7thCD7 50 , CD8 35Comenius
10/19/19Team HoopsTeam United 7th MaroonTUM 50 , TH 18Comenius
10/19/19Team KnicksSmith Elite StreetTK 53 , SES 33Comenius
10/19/19Smith EliteCarolina Defenders 7thCD7 44 , SE 40Comenius
10/19/19Team United 7th MaroonTeam KnicksTUM 41 , TK 34Comenius
10/26/19Smith EliteTeam Hoops11:00 amComenius
10/26/19Team KnicksSmith Elite Street11:50 amComenius
10/26/19Carolina Defenders 8th11am Winner12:40 pmComenius
10/26/19Carolina Defenders 7th11:50am Winner1:30 pmComenius
10/26/191:30pm Winner12:40pm WinnerChampionship
3:00 pm


Note: Team United will not participate in Championship Bracket play

Last update: October 23rd, 2019 8:30am